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The Rifugio San Marco Hut is located in a beautiful spot in the eastern dolomites on the mountain Col de chi da Os (at 1.823 m). Available dolomite high routes: 3, 4 and 5.

The mountain groups Antelao, Sorapiss and Marmarole are near by. Our hut is an excellent starting point for reaching the summits of the Antelao, Sorapiss, Torre dei Sabbioni, Belpra, Croda Marcora. NEW: The surrounding of the Marmarole Group is a new exciting hiking tour proposal. We can organize for your group this special tour through one of the most impressive regions in the dolomites. Ask us for details.

The area was declared world heritage by the UNESCO.

The Rifugio San Marco is one of the few huts still in the original state of 1895. The comfortable and homelike atmosphere makes it the first choice for many climbers.

You can reach the hut from San Vito di Cadore over the chairlift up to Rifugio Scotter or directly by car over the small street Via Belvedere along the chairlift.

Tania Ossi will help you in all questions for your trip. Don`t hesitate to write us an email or call us for details.

We speak Italian, German and English.


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Historical photo of Rifugio San Marco.