Of course, on a so wide mountain full of summits and high walls, a lot of rock rotes have been opened till the ’40 :
here, on the N wall of Tre Sorelle, Emilio Comici opened the first 6th degree italian route (1929)

the whole N wall (the one that hangs over the Rifugio Vandelli), with its almost 1000m drop hosts some old fashion very “alpinistic” routes, very rarely climbed so that the rock not always is good and clean.

Minor summits, faster to be approached (like the Dito di Dio and Zurlon) are so lucky to have, sometimes, some rope team upon their hard and difficult routes …

The main summits (Punta Sorapiss, Fopa di Mattia and Croda Marcora) can be got along some middle difficulty routes (the hardest one is of IV UIAA but I think that very few people have climbed them …

The only one sometimes climbed is the normal route from South, a long, tiring and not fine climb with a short (20-25m) chimney that. with its difficulty (III UIAA), closes the route to hikers.
In a fantastic, hot, perfect day of August we were 6 climbers in the whole high ridge (all on the main summit) but the 3 people we met, soldiers of local alpine troop in training, told us that it was an exceptional event to be so many !
This is the “shortest” route to the summit and can be done in 1 day starting and coming back to Cortina, a road starting fro San Vito di Cadore leads you about 150 m (in elevation) under the Rifugio San Marco, so that you have only to go on for less than 1600 m of difference in elevation.

Source: summitpost.org